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25x NL, 24x Arcana Kanna, 24x Arcana Luminous(All on same account)  - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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PixelMarket - Safe/Secure Trading & Instant Meso

PixelMarket is a new trading platform that allows 100% safe and secure trading for buyers and sellers.

Buyers don't have to worry about their money being gone and sellers running off, because the money is held by PixelMarket until both parties have confirmed that the order is successful.

Seller don't have to worry about charge backs, as PixelMarket covers 100% of charge backs, as long as buyers had confirmed their order. If buyers didn't confirm, sellers just provide proof of a successful transaction and they'll still receive their payment.

We encourage all users to continue posting threads here to advertise what you want to sell or buy, but to conduct the trade itself on PixelMarket. You can also post threads on the newly setup PixelForum at https://pxl.fm/forum

Good luck and trade safe!
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Official OMM List

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25x NL, 24x Arcana Kanna, 24x Arcana Luminous(All on same account) 

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    Reboot 25x NL, 24x Arcana Kanna, 24x Arcana Luminous(All on same account) 

    25x Night Lord:
    On rankings, never banned, never whispered, 100% legit
    Max Arcane Force & max nodes(dual blade and night lord) ~ (Rope Lift: level 22/ True Arachnid Reflection: level 21/ Venom Burst: level 21)
    44k stat clean(with links) & 8T+ battle analysis
    Majority of items either 21 or 22 stars + Sengoku Badge
    6.7k+ legion(all link skills at least level 2) + level 200/level 250 LAB character cards
    Every item has 3 lines of luk %
    All professions maxed
    All prequests done
    ALOT of perm nx cosmetics + 3 permanent pets ~ at least $600 worth of nx

    24x Arcana Kanna(1 shots everything at arcana):
    9 million range clean(with link skills)
    920 Arcane Force(with hyper stat)
    lucid soul
    farming gear is 100% meso + 160% drop rate

    24x Arcana Luminous(1 shots everything at arcana):
    6 million range clean
    farming gear is 100% meso + 80% drop rate

    Important Pictures: https://imgur.com/a/MjI9mv9

    A/W: $4000 or BEST OFFER

    Contact me @ CreperJepers#8816 on Discord or PM via Gamersoul
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