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    Autobumper.io Forum Autobumper


    Hello everyone, I would like to share an autobumper service I made which allows you to bump threads on many different forums with ease. For people that are unfamiliar: bumping is the act of placing a post on a forum thread in order to have it visible to users more frequently. Some say it's an abbreviation of 'bring up my post'.

    Anyways, [URL]https://autobumper.io[/URL] gives you the opportunity to manage your forums with ease, bumping your services at the interval of your choice. The webservice keeps watching your thread every minute, and will bump it up for instance every 24 hours.

    The technology in a nutshell: autobumper.io stores an encrypted copy of your login session for your forum account. This login session is then used to simulate a thread post or a bump, exactly as how posting through the browser would work. It is virtually undetectable and can increase your thread exposure for whatever service you are offering.

    There are many forums supported, included but not limited to: OwnedCore, MPGH and OGUsers. Check out [URL]https://autobumper.io[/URL] for the full list!

    Pricing ranges from approx $0.04 to $0.02 per bump (4 to 2 dollarcent), which is deducted from a pool of credits you buy-in. There even is a free plan available, but it requires manual user interaction for bumping your threads (still very handy though!).

    Usual terms of services apply (read them here [URL]https://autobumper.io/terms-and-conditions[/URL]).

    Check out the support section on the website if you need any help!

    hm somethings wrong with the thread markup, it doesnt show the links i entered and the logo :(