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Power Level Service (2018)

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    GMS PowerLevel Power Level Service (2018)

    Tired of practicing all day and reaching high levels?
    A. Here is here to help you.

    Friend Invites A Friend :

    A friend brings a friend, each member you bring will give you a 25% of discount

    What do you need to know? :

    1.Your friend need to give us your nickname in (Forum / Skype)
    2. Your friend who buys must buy at least $ 10.
    3. You cannot make 100% discount on any product (25% discount only for the product you choose)
    4. Friends who'll buy over ($ 55 in total)
    You will receive a gift from us (Value of the gift 5$)
    5.The biggest prize will go to the member that his / her friends buy aleast in 200$
    (Prize : 25K Nx Code)

    Not Including Kanna's Homemade Account Under The Level 150


    Payment :

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: Ban rates?
    A: We using paid "GM Detection" Program, so the risks are so low to be banned.

    Q: When can you start?
    A: If you'll see Active on the top of the theard so we are working right now.

    Q: Can I have custom order?
    A: Sure, add us on skype and we will try to make your wish come ture.

    Q: Refund Policy?
    A: Only and only if the account is perm banned while "Power Level Service" is on, otherwise no refunds at all.
    However this will be highly unlikely to get ban.

    Important Information

    Do not connect to the user while working,
    Because if we try to connect together it will cause the user to cancel and then delay your waiting time.

    After completing the service, I will have no responsibility for anything that happens to the account.

    You must provide the accounts at level 10, I do not want to do the tutorials as I find them a massive waste of time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    I will only do certain job advancements to 2nd/3rd/4th job. Some classes are naturally stronger and scale with AP better than others so I won't do all job advancements since it won't help me level your account that much faster and will only slow down the leveling. You may have to job advance your character yourself.

    Lv - 10 ~ 120 = 4 TO 8 hours

    Lv - 10 ~ 150 = 4 TO 14 hours

    Lv - 10 ~ 200 = 4 TO 72 hours

    (CHEAP)Kanna's Homemade(CHEAP)

    Level > 70 > 2.99$

    Level > 120 > 5.99$

    Level > 150 > 9.99$

    Level > 160 > 12.99$

    Level > 170 > 15.99$

    Level > 180 > 17.99$

    Level > 190 > 19.99$

    Level > 200 > 24.99$
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