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GamerSoul Free Market Features & How To Use - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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PixelMarket - Safe/Secure Trading & Instant Meso

PixelMarket is a new trading platform that allows 100% safe and secure trading for buyers and sellers.

Buyers don't have to worry about their money being gone and sellers running off, because the money is held by PixelMarket until both parties have confirmed that the order is successful.

Seller don't have to worry about charge backs, as PixelMarket covers 100% of charge backs, as long as buyers had confirmed their order. If buyers didn't confirm, sellers just provide proof of a successful transaction and they'll still receive their payment.

We encourage all users to continue posting threads here to advertise what you want to sell or buy, but to conduct the trade itself on PixelMarket. You can also post threads on the newly setup PixelForum at https://pxl.fm/forum

Good luck and trade safe!
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Official OMM List

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GamerSoul Free Market Features & How To Use

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    admin GamerSoul Free Market Features & How To Use

    Bumping Threads
    A new version of the bump button feature has been added so posting bump in every single one of your threads is no longer necessary. We encourage all market users to use this button instead of spamming bump. We also hope this makes it easier for those of you who actively use the market. If there are any recommendations or suggestions you may post them here.

    Guide on how to bump:

    Tracking Scammers / Fake Vouch Accounts
    All users will automatically be given an uniquely generated user hash for their GamerSoul account as well as an IP address hash.

    If you see 2 or more different GamerSoul accounts with matching IP/user hashes then trade with caution and report it to staff members to investigate!

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