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How many people who watch WWE hate seeing Roman Reigns? - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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How many people who watch WWE hate seeing Roman Reigns?

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    How many people who watch WWE hate seeing Roman Reigns?


    The marks loved him like mid-way through the period where there was an over-saturation of Roman. The smarks however hate him because he is undeserved of the push that he was given. I say undeserved because he lacked the experience, wrestling skill and on-mic skill that the other two members (Seth and Dean) possess. This is not mentioning the fact that in a handful of interviews he sht talked the WWE fans. Another reason I say undeserved is because Vince has a known hard-on for tall muscular men, so more times then none a large muscular dude will get a main-event push before a smaller guy such as Seth will ever get it. Hence why we have two terrible wrestlers that are gonna collide once more at Wrestlemania (according to the leaked card ), Goldberg vs Brock Lesner. Both large men who got major pushes at the beginning of their career due to being large men, both are terrible on the mic which is another aspect of being a professional wrestler. Yes, Lenser has Paulie but we can put diamonds on a pile of sht but it is still a pile of shit.

    Oh yeah, Braun Strowmen's push too.


      vince is a raging closest homosexual, him being an alpha himself he likes to dominate the smaller guys 8===D

      on the subject of brock lesnar though he might be shit on the microphone thats why hehas paul heyman, but as far as talent goes brock is a true pro wrestler he was basically unbeatable in college, as far as theatrical wrestling goes rey mysterio could beat lesnar, but id love to see them put in the octagon together,

      and well roman is just straight up boring his wrestling moves are so fkn old school and outdated


        I don't hate seeing him.