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Looking for LoL Coach

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    help Looking for LoL Coach

    I've been playing league for a while now and have only made it to play in season 3 and have been slowly declining. I don't wish to stay in bronze/ silver life anymore. So i was hoping someone could possibly show me a few different techniques to become a better player overall.
    I mostly play ADC / Jungle and was looking to improve my CS, different jungle patterns, and proper positioning.
    If there is anyone, please give me a message either on here or add me on League.


    My Vouch Thread Here

    1. Practicing CSing in normal games. No runes, masteries, items (bots will be much tougher to face against)
    2. Do 1) for a few hours, then also start looking at the mini map every few seconds in between csing.
    3. Be aware of enemy's skill cooldowns.. If a blitz misses a hook or the adc tristana uses her jump, you can in turn play more aggressively/punish them for their mistakes.
    4. Always be aware of the enemy champion, and the last location you saw them at your minimap. Important cause you might not want to dive based on the information you have.
    5. For jungling, match up matters. If you're going against someone with weak jungle clear, you can punish them by stealing their camps. Or someone who has a weak early game, invasion could be an option. Counter-jungling too.
    6. Practicing animation cancelling.
    7. Prioritize objectives..If your team kills 3 people, that means you can easily take control of an objective AS A TEAM. That means if you kill 3 people near bot side, move as a team to the next objective. That means not dispersing off separately into your respective lanes, if a bot tower is up.. Go as a team and take it down quickly.
    8. Losing is okay. You can't change anything if you suddenly have an afk. Take the loss and win your next game..Letting yourself be "tilted" will just make you lose more.


      I can help. Im a diamond 4 adc main pm me if you'd like.