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How would you compare Diablo to Maplestory? - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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How would you compare Diablo to Maplestory?

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    question How would you compare Diablo to Maplestory?

    I've been thinking of switching over but I'm not fully sold on D3, should I just play another MMO?

    Diablo 3 is kinda fun, but then gets old and you wanna quit after a month or so of playing.


      more grinding because of same maps, and same monsters


        Maplestory > Anything


          Try Path of Exile, very steep learning curve but hella fun..

          +they actively communicate with their players
          +they take suggestions and actually implement them into their game.

          if you do decide to play, visit their subreddit /r/pathofexile, and use poe.trade. (universal trading system for the game)


            D3 > Maplestory

            Maplestory limits you do specific dailies, events, etc. You could choose to do them or not, but at the end of the day you will be progressing much slower than someone who did them. You have so many dailies (still more to be added) to a point it takes HOURS to finish your "dailies". By this rate I'd say dailies cant' be completed for a person who has more than just Maplestory in their lives. I'm mainly referring to Reboot here..

            As far as D3 goes. You can always go on and off anytime you want. As long you're not competing for seasonals, then it is much better imo. You can progress however you like, but in the end you will still reach end game and patch updates always revive certain set items so anyone can be OP in little time tbh.

            D3 is less grindy compared to Maplestory because at least you're not limited to doing bosses just 2 times a day.


              If you even like d3 a little bit, definitely try out path of exile. It is so much better than maplestory. If you were to play path of exiles, I would recommend you wait till march for a league(season). These leagues each last for 3 month then all your league characters move to a trash server. It would be a lot easier to start in a new world.


                i liked maplestory more then d3 , cause the dungeons :D


                  Diablo and MS are so different, I don't know if I could even begin...


                    I prefer maple story lol


                      I've been playing some MS Private servers, but primarily I play Path of Exile for ARPG strategy. Went back to maplestory for a while waiting on 3.0 beta, Diablo 3 opens every once in a while on my computer but I feel like the game gets boring after the first ~48 hours of playtime on a new season start.

                      As some others have said before though, it's definitely comparing two completely different games.