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    After essentially pussying out to a Diaz rematch because he knew he would get choked out again, anyone wanna make a guess who hes going to be fighting next. You guys think hes going to go back down and defend his title? Personally I think hes going to cut (hes like 170 walking weight) like a meth addict and fight undersized opponents so he gets his "hype" train rolling again with his big mouth. I also doubt a fight happening between him and Floyd because in boxing Floyd would win (running like a pussy as usual although its completely allowed), and in anything MMA related, Conor would lay him down. I was really hoping he would have re-matched Diaz so I could shove it in all the bandwagon fans faces that his loss wasn't a fluke and that his groundwork is complete and utter shit.

    What do you guys have to say?

    Edit: Ill leave this here also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPPLHEkV3Sk
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    I even though he won I still don't like him. He got lucky many times. For the type of fighter he thinks he is, I didn't see anything great on the octagon.


      I dont get whats wrong with mcgregor his in ring is soo good his out of ring is .................


        And now he got 2 belts. GG


          he's a maywheather wannabe, he couldnt even beat nate diaz by KO or TKO, im just really hoping to see someday Nick diaz vs him, fking nick would destroy him


            a natural 145 shouldnt be fighting nick or nate in the first place. he would get his ass handed to him by khabib anyway