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workouts that you can do at home

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    workouts that you can do at home

    what can i do at home to workout?

    i can tell you a lot of exercises you can do at home , but the best way to learn - just go on youtube :)


      Almost anything in the realm of calisthenics. Just google all of these or look at a bodyweight workout progression guide

      PUSH workouts: Push Ups, Weighted Push Ups, One Arm Push Ups, Planche Push Ups, Shoulder Push Ups, HandStand Push Ups, Dips
      PULL workouts: Pull Ups/Chin Ups (Get the door pull up bar), Curls/Dumbbell Rows
      CORE Workouts: Sit Ups, Leg Lifts, Planks, V-Ups, Crunches
      LEG workouts: Squats/One Legged Squats/Weighted Squats, Lunges/Dumbbell Lunges, Step-Ups, Jump Squats
      CARDIO workouts: Mountain Climbers, Burpees, Shadow Boxing

      and so much more variations of these workouts that are too many to list. You can make some great progress with just bodyweight alone as long as your macros are right, but I would recommend hitting the weights/adding weights too just to switch it up and make things harder as you progress. Good luck on your journey! :)

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