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ELO boost?

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    question ELO boost?

    Do many people buy ELO boosting service? I know there are official sites that sell and very few post here to sell services but how efficient is it in terms of profit?
    My brother is considering selling ELO boosting because he has a lot of time on his hands and can get people to Diamond V no problem, if requested.
    Just want to know what he's getting himself into before he actually considers doing it! What are some pros and cons?

    (I personally don't play league so I do not know much about this game nor the time required to get to certain divisions)


    I know you =3

    Anyways. It really depends on a couple of things. 1. How long it'll take your brother to the designated division they want. Each division may come across something different: Harder opponents, shitty feeders, Bug Splat-causing loss, etc etc. Depending on how much the person has been losing previously can also determine the amount of LP they can receive due to the loss of their games, and make the process a lot longer than it needs to be. 2. When someone is caught ELO boosting, not only is the account in question going to be banned (stripped of its rewards and previous rewards, and one more ban equals a permanent ban) but it is very possible that every other account linked to that IP would also be banned. So unless your brother is absolutely sure of what he is doing, he could potentially get banned for ELO boosting too many people and be punished himself, resulting in the loss of his own season rewards.

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      [MENTION=185750]LadyAyura[/MENTION] HI AILEEN :)

      Thank you for the response, appreciate it! Your comment was informative and helpful. As I mentioned, I don't play league so I had no idea there were other factors that can influence the outcome :(. I will definitely keep those in mind and ask him more in details about how he was planning on executing his service.


        A good amount do. Applying online will definitely help also :D! There are sites that are always looking.


          Yeah, there are many sites that are looking for people. I would pick the well-reviewed ones.


            Carol i am selling boost
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