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Going from LoL to Dota

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    discussion Going from LoL to Dota

    Has anyone here gone through the process of transitioning from LoL to Dota? If so, was the process rough or relatively smooth? I'm thinking about trying out Dota since a lot of people at my school play it, but it seems like there's a lot of things to learn before even getting into a game.

    Generally league players have a rough time going to DoTA. The entire essence of laning is different. In league you can fall a bit back on CS by farming under turret because eventually the lane pushes. In DoTA, you can kill your ally minions as long as they're low hp, therefore the lane actually pushes back against you any time you want as long as your "champions" pose a threat. There is also no recall, you buy a teleport scroll to teleport to allied building once. There's also a curious to bring stuff to you and whatnot. There's also a lot more interactions with the terrain other than "push ur opponents against it and they'll be stunned''. Overall, it's generally a lot more competitive and more things you need to focus on. I've played dota and now i'm playing league, it's a lot more relaxing knowing missing a couple of CS is not a big deal cus farm will come to me if I play it safe.
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      I've played LoL since season 2, I quit during s4 and moved to dota2, Its a pretty hard transition, but well worth it. There will always be toxic people in every game but in my experience, transferring from league to dota 2 had a significant decrease in toxic players. The game has A LOT OF ITEMS. Unlike league where you build the exact same thing for every ADC/APC champion etc. There is a day/night cycle which has certain heros rely on it to get kills (Night Stalker) You cannot recall to base, instead you have to have a teleport scroll which is fairly cheap, or boots of travel which allow you to tp every 45 seconds. There are secret and side shops in the map where only certain items can be purchased (These are usually mid to late game items to complete your item) as well as a fountain shop. Most items in dota require a recipe to complete an item. Couriers are basically a donkey (default) that brings your item from your base to you, usually in regular matches if you have no support no one wants to buy it xD. The towers in dota attack a lot faster, but don't do as much damage. You can't backdoor. Its extremely hard. You either need your entire team in lategame, or creeps which nullifies backdoor prevention. Instead of an inhibitor, there are barracks, 2 per lane one ranged one melee. The melee is harder to take down and has regen, the ranged barracks doesnt. Destroying either ranged or melee will have an effect on the type that you destroy, the melee creeps will get stronger and the ranged will too. If you destroy all 6 barracks you get MEGA Creeps, there are insanely overpowered and almost 90% of the time secure your game, especially early on when the other team isnt strong enough to defend against them. There's only one big monster instead of baron and dragon there is Roshan. You can kill it at lvl 1 with the right heros, it give 200 gold to the killer 200 global gold to the team and drops an item you pick up and it lasts for 5 minutes. If you die while you have it, it revives you to full hp. Jungle camps can be stacked, they all respawn at the new minute and if you attack the creeps and walk away from the camp it will effectively "stack" it with 2 camps in one. Everything is basically on steriods but it balances out, for example there's a hero that has a global silence for 6 seconds. OP right? Nope, He can buy refreshers and do it TWICE IN A ROW. However almost every hero has its own "OP" factor to itself (except some sh*tty supports) Dazzle can "shallow grave" a hero, which prevents them from dying for 5 seconds and it's only a 20-30 sec cd when maxed. It's a lot different from league, but I personally found it worth it. The game is extremely fun, not P2W like league. Let me know if you need help getting into the game. There's a lot more to explain but this is just the basics. The only thing you pay for is sexy af cosmetics and the compendium which basically supports the tournaments, and you get cool rewards.
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        From what all my friends said, LoL is a very simplified version of DoTA, in terms of rules and mechanics so I'd expect that the transition is gonna be a bit harder.

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          There's no doubt it's harder to start off DotA over LoL; however, that doesn't mean LoL is easier in all aspects. I mean, the skill cap on both should be roughly the same.


            Just a small list
            -more early spam on skills
            -only a fixed number of paths for ganking
            -less mechanics like FoG,aggroing/de-aggroing, blocking,denying...
            -the animations are more smooth IMO
            -most skills are skill shots