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B>Powerleveling service for MapleLegends private server

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    General PowerLevel B>Powerleveling service for MapleLegends private server

    Hi guys, I am buying a powerleveling service for my character on the MapleLegends v62 private server. PM me or post with details if you are interested


    Hey there,

    I'd be willing to offer a powerleveling service.

    PM me with a price, current level, desired level, XP rate of the server and timeframe and I'll get back to you asap.

    It's also class dependant, so please inform me of your class and whether you have any gear.

    Looking forward to talking with you!

    - for some private servers, I can use SQL injection techniques in order to gain access to certain accounts etc. it's really dependant on how well the website is coded and the security of the database.

    90% of private servers I have a working private method to vote abuse on, so if plenty of NX is your thing, then I can do it for you - untraceable, but dependant on gifting system or can gacha.
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