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S> ❤ Yun's Goods []―――❤ $11/b❤―――――――❤ 100+ Vouch ❤ - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking



PixelMarket - Safe/Secure Trading & Instant Meso

PixelMarket is a new trading platform that allows 100% safe and secure trading for buyers and sellers.

Buyers don't have to worry about their money being gone and sellers running off, because the money is held by PixelMarket until both parties have confirmed that the order is successful.

Seller don't have to worry about charge backs, as PixelMarket covers 100% of charge backs, as long as buyers had confirmed their order. If buyers didn't confirm, sellers just provide proof of a successful transaction and they'll still receive their payment.

We encourage all users to continue posting threads here to advertise what you want to sell or buy, but to conduct the trade itself on PixelMarket. You can also post threads on the newly setup PixelForum at https://pxl.fm/forum

Good luck and trade safe!
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S> ❤ Yun's Goods []―――❤ $11/b❤―――――――❤ 100+ Vouch ❤

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    Windia S> ❤ Yun's Goods []―――❤ $11/b❤―――――――❤ 100+ Vouch ❤

    Windia Mesos: $11/b

    Lightning God Ring

    18% Int Legendary Faf Mage Hat
    21% Int Legendary Mage Faf Top
    18% Int + Hyperbody Legendary Faf Mage Bottom
    12% Dex Legendary Bowman Faf Top
    21% Dex HyperBody Bowman Faf Bottom
    14% Dex Legendary Bowman Faf Hat
    12% Luk Legendary Specs
    27atk 9% Dex, Legendary Work Gloves
    C/O: none A/W: $70
    10% Int SE Emp Mage Glove
    Sharp Eye Neb
    25% Dex Legendary Rising Sun Pend
    27 Atk 9% Dex SE Glove
    21% LUK Legendary Earring
    C/O: none A/W: $70
    18% Dex Legendary Rac Mask
    C/O: 3b A/W: $90
    Clean Thief Tyrant Belt
    50% Boss 35% PDR Orb
    C/O: none A/W: $150
    Clean Pirate Tyrant Cape
    18% Dex 9%Int Unique Earring
    19% Int Unique Earrigs
    C/O: none A/W: 30
    12% Dex Legendary HTP
    C/O: none A/W $75
    Dark Angelic Blessing Ring
    C/O: $5 A/W:$20
    60% Boss Legendary Marksman Secondary
    15% Total Dmg, Unique Marksman Secondary
    55% Boss 18% TotalDmg 244 Atk Legendary Faf Crossbow
    Clean Mage Tyrant Shoe
    9% Int Unique Mage Tyrant Cape
    9% Int Unique Mage Tyrant Shoes
    6% Int Unique Mage Tyrant Cape
    10% Int Unique Specs
    C/O: none A/W $50
    281 M.Atk 12% Int 9% M.Atk Legendary Fafnir Shining Rod
    C/O: $160 A/W: $250
    10% Str Unique Specs

    ❤ 100+ Vouch ❤

    Originally posted by Vinnie View Post
    Literally The fastest trade ive done in my life.

    Went so smooth and fast.
    100% recommended

    Bought 6b and nx...
    Will definitely buy more soon <3
    Originally posted by LaphMyAssOff View Post
    +1 vouch. Sold her my %dex gear for PP, everything

    went smoothly.
    Originally posted by Mattinfinity View Post
    +1 Vouch. Sold her over 10b Mesos. Recommended for

    future sellers.
    Originally posted by djjfosho View Post
    +1 Bought specs no issues

    Originally posted by Evolve View Post
    Reputable trader. +1
    Originally posted by TripleAAA View Post
    Vouch +1, bought alot of nice things and very patient,
    highly recommended
    Originally posted by sabboy101 View Post
    Vouch from the Russian, clean trade.
    Great interaction between buyer/seller.
    Originally posted by bazy100 View Post
    sold mesos to Pandaanli, vouch + 1
    Originally posted by iSell2Faith View Post
    sold him over $60 in goods, friendly seller, trustable.
    +1 vouch
    Originally posted by Smashdex5 View Post
    Bought 1b, went first, went fast and smooth.
    Originally posted by krayzeeazn View Post
    +1 bought mesos easy fast trade.
    Would buy from again.
    Originally posted by Acetyl View Post
    +1 vouch.
    Pandaanli is a very patient person, very kind, and creates quick and smooth trade!

    I went first and there weren't any conflicts.
    Originally posted by Smashdex5 View Post
    Bought 3 bill, went first, very smooth and quick A+,

    recommend buying from
    Originally posted by LardahsToYou View Post
    + 1 vouch !!!
    i'm a new gs member didn't know anything
    at all yet she tolerated me and helped me through the transaction!
    i'd recommend buying from Pandaanli A+++++++ XD
    Originally posted by dson View Post
    bought 3b.
    paid first, received mesos.
    quick and reliant :)
    vouch +1
    Originally posted by xonsniper4 View Post
    Bought 3b
    Pretty fast!!
    awesome person =)!!
    Originally posted by Xervana View Post
    Bought 5bill off Yun;
    covered taxes and everything
    10/10 would trade again
    Vouch +1
    Originally posted by xonsniper4 View Post
    Awesome trade A++
    Originally posted by dson View Post
    +1 Vouch
    much happiness
    good trades
    Originally posted by Rising View Post
    I vouch for Yun <3 have sold many equips

    and mesos, all went through with no problems <3

    Korean food pls ;(
    Originally posted by dson View Post
    3rd time buying from Yun, just vouching again +1
    so fast, so good
    Originally posted by Timm View Post
    sold Yun 150k nx, went first. worked out like a charm, no words needed, then went first on buying her Item for 60$ PP, +1
    Originally posted by yearn View Post
    +1vouch bought nx
    Originally posted by alvarogl View Post
    Vouch! Just bought 12.2k nx items. I went first, paypal was used. smooth transaction
    - - - Edit - - -
    Vouch again, bought 6b bera mesos this time. I went first and paypal was used.
    Smooth transaction and friendly seller, recommended.
    Originally posted by Tamale View Post
    +1 Vouch bought nx and went first. was quick and easy
    Originally posted by Hasty View Post
    Bought nx. Fast and friendly!
    I went first :p
    Originally posted by janathanwu View Post
    +1 Vouch. Nice and easy person to trade with. Very

    straightforward and no issues whatsoever. Thanks! (Bought some nx)
    Originally posted by Eddi View Post
    Vouch, bought 11.2K nx, will be buying again soon. ++
    Originally posted by janathanwu View Post
    Bought some more nx from her. Easy to work with. Thanks
    Originally posted by china5100 View Post
    +1 Vouch! brought NX from her, LEGIT!
    Originally posted by edmond View Post
    Vouch +1. Went first and had a smooth transaction. looking to buy from her again
    Originally posted by edmond View Post
    Vouch +1 went first and instantly got refunded when we found out that NX can only be gifted by level 60s now :D
    Originally posted by janathanwu View Post
    Third time buying and never a hassle to deal with. Quick and easy. Thanks again
    Originally posted by Danne View Post
    Bought some nx
    very kind and nice person =D
    trade was quick and easy
    +1 vouch
    Originally posted by CloudGS View Post
    +1 vouch
    A+ Transaction
    recommended !
    Originally posted by CloudGS View Post
    +1 vouch again
    Smooth transaction
    Brilliant trusted nx seller!
    Originally posted by Bipolar View Post
    Bought NX, Nice person.
    Originally posted by edmond View Post
    Vouch +1 Went first and had smooth transaction
    Originally posted by mrxethan View Post
    Vouch 1+ Fast and patient!
    Originally posted by AnimeSNS View Post
    Bought 16kNX from her again and trade went smooth. She sent the items quick!
    Originally posted by quanta123 View Post
    +1 vouch nice and patient

    Last edited by Pandaanli; 08-31-2014, 11:54 PM.

    OMG DID you create that such a great artist lf> REQUEST! if possible :3


      There is a discount for high amount of mesos ?