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| ♛ | Official Staff Powerleveling Service | ♛ | FASTEST & SAFEST

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    GMS PowerLevel | ♛ | Official Staff Powerleveling Service | ♛ | FASTEST & SAFEST

    Frequently Asked Questions:
    Q: Why are your prices so high?
    A: For quite a few good reasons. You are paying for the fastest, safest and most trusted power leveling experience, which is why my prices are more expensive than others. Compare my completion times with other power levelers. Additionally, in my many years of power leveling, I have maintained a 0% ban rate with my customers. I have leveled accounts well worth over $5,000 so know that your account will be in good hands.

    Q: Ban rates?
    A: We use the fastest GM detect and hacks in Maplestory so it's very low. Everything we do is done on a CLB under a (10,000 mbps) dedicated server to guarantee maximum botting speeds. For other ban specific questions please add me on Skype.

    Q: When can you start?
    A: If the thread title is on OPENED status then I can make your character.

    Q: Can I purchase custom levels?
    A: Add and talk to me on Skype.

    Q: Refund policy?
    A: Only and only if the account is perm banned while I am leveling it, otherwise no refunds at all. However this will be highly unlikely (check first Q&A).

    Q: What bot do you use?
    A: A private bot. Some of you may know what it is as we sold it to some trusted Gamersoul users a while ago. We are not selling it at the moment and we use a friend-invite process only.

    Q: What hacks do you use?
    A: To try to not reveal what we're using but give you an idea of what will happen on your account, the description will have to be a bit furtive. It's basically what some of you may refer to the hack known as "GND" (which now auto bans). We have since then found a new method and tested it for hours upon hours and have concluded that it does not auto ban and is safe to use for long term botting. All hacks that we use is combined with GM detection.

    Q: Can you level my account fast? Or before a deadline?
    A: Message me on Skype and ask me for a speed package. We can provide 2x EXP, Holy Symbol, and Kannas to speed up the leveling. This option will cost $5-$10 more, depending on levels. (We are removing the speed package because I will offer it in all servers eventually as a standard).

    Q: Why does your power leveling service come and go?
    A: It depends on whether or not I feel that power leveling would be stressful for me or not; I am responsible for thousands of dollars worth of items sometimes after all. Additionally, with meso prices going up and down I have to decide whether or not it's more profitable for me to sell mesos or power level. I can probably do both if I have a lot of free time but meh.

    Q: How long does your power leveling take?
    A: All accounts will be leveled in a timely manner and will typically not take longer than the following:

    Levels 1-70
    The levels 1-70 will take about 5-10 hours, depending on levels requested.

    Levels 71-199
    The levels 1-199 will take about 5-50 hours, depending on levels requested.

    Important power leveling notes:
    *You cannot login the account while I am leveling it. It will result in an account deactivation if we both try to login at the same time. Logging in while I am leveling will also result in termination of service. I suggest not following your character as well, this will only slow down your leveling as our bot completely logs out instantly if either a Game master or player enters the map. You may login if you ask me.

    *After the service is finished, I am no longer responsible for your account nor am I responsible for what you use your account for.

    *Charge backs and any other form of scam attempts will be dealt with by me personally and accordingly. If you charge back then you are telling me that I have permission to delete the power leveling service done on your account and take any other form of actions I find necessary towards you.

    *Payments first only. I no longer do account leveling first.

    *You must provide the accounts at level 10, I do not want to do the tutorials as I find them a massive waste of time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    *I will only do certain job advancements to 2nd/3rd/4th job. Some classes are naturally stronger and scale with AP better than others so I won't do all job advancements since it won't help me level your account that much faster and will only slow down the leveling. You may have to job advance your character yourself.

    *Certain classes like Shade which have a story line to do will cost $5 more if you want me to do it.

    *If you get perm banned while I am power leveling your account you will get a full refund or you may request that I restart your account.

    *If you get auto banned (2, 7, 30 days) while I am power leveling your account, you will have to wait the duration or I can restart your account and get the remaining levels on another account/character.

    *Item lock (or preferably remove) all your valuable equips on your account for 7 days before giving me the account info. This is for safety reasons in the event that either one of us (you (the customer) or me) gets our Skype information compromised.

    *Change the account(s) password(s) before and after the power level service.

    *Customers that have valuables or a high value of NX on their accounts that do not want to remove it will have to request a PIC reset for their account and allow me to set a broken, non typable PIC so that only I can login only via packets. Customer will have access to said PIC and be given the packet to login. Customer will have to reset the account PIC after the powerleveling service is finished unless they prefer to login via packets.

    Skype: NULLEGE

    Power Leveling Vouches:
    (*If you decide to leave a vouch, it will go under this list)

    Originally posted by RawrLikeMe View Post
    Vouch for this! Got my account from 60 - 120 in less than a day !

    He kept me updated on Skype and was amazing to talk to :) Will for sure be buying more in the future, and honestly, everyone should !


    Originally posted by xVirtue View Post
    Legit and fast PLVLER <333 ;) Bought from him twice already! :D

    Originally posted by flowerbuzz View Post
    Awesome! Thank you very much for keeping me up to date :)
    A++ service
    Originally posted by lilvicz View Post
    +1. Great service! Quick at the job and a nice guy. Thanks!
    Originally posted by CloudGS View Post
    big vouch for my faggot homie! Highly Recommended !!
    Originally posted by Averting View Post
    Very awesome and super fast service, bought service for 6 characters 1 - 120 and it was done in a little under 3 hours.

    Originally posted by Xaghant View Post
    vouch for vince for lowest banrates on powerleveling
    Originally posted by shinghan View Post
    I can guarantee that it is very safe and very much satisfaction guaranteed!. He even gave my hayato an extra level since it the service is 24/7.
    Originally posted by shinghan View Post
    Thanks again W8GS! Your powerleveling services are outstanding as usual
    From 1-196 in 24 hrs xD that is mindblowing lol. I will keep buying from you =3. A+++++++++++++++++
    Originally posted by flowerbuzz View Post
    This man is the best :b This is the 3rd time I've bought from him. This time he pleveled my phantom from 1-200 in just 24 hours!??!?. I highly recommend him. Trustworthy, friendly and professional.
    Originally posted by Bipolar View Post
    +1 vouch level 200 NL much love
    Originally posted by niggawasup View Post
    The FASTEST Powerleveler on Gamersoul. +100
    Finished 1-120 x 2 in less than 1 hour. How is that even possible?
    Originally posted by Havoc View Post
    Complete and 100% vouch for W8GS! Friendly on Skype and he got on my account right away and was done in less than 24 hours!
    I would recommend him to anyone looking for a powerleveling service!
    Originally posted by Void View Post
    Vouch for @W8GS, do not hesitate to buy from him! He finished my mule within a few hours. Way better than any other power leveling service on this site by far!
    Originally posted by iunno View Post
    +vouch, this guy is the god of powerleveling. Finished my 10 - 120 dual blade in only three hours. Would buy again!
    Originally posted by edmond View Post
    finished 5 different link mules within a reasonable amount of time. Vouch
    Originally posted by Insomniac View Post
    Amazingly fast and trustworthy service, would definitely buy again! ^ ^
    Thank you!
    Originally posted by MesarZ View Post
    Got my 143 NW to 204 overnight. Quicker than I thought! Definitely will buy again :)
    Originally posted by baekyeeol View Post
    Fast and friendly!! Finished my service in less than 24 hours. Will definitely buy from him in the future!
    Originally posted by Deathrow333 View Post
    I ordered a level for 160 - 200 for my NW. He did it overnight and wonderfully. I would definitely recommend and hope to have more characters done in the future. Thank you
    Originally posted by Pleasure View Post
    Vince is awesome! Ordered two characters to be power leveled and they were done in a few hours! It was extremely quick and professional power leveling.

    If you want an amazing power level job that is quick and safe, get it here!

    Thanks again!
    Originally posted by truthsforme View Post
    This dude is a beast. In 1 week I spent about $100 on a bunch of level 180-200. In 1 week, he finished what I thought would take months. +1 for each character
    Originally posted by Pxrdon View Post
    +1 Vouch. Super fast, easy to communicate with. Highly recommend
    Originally posted by OldMessages View Post
    30 - 200 in about 25 hours! Friendly and great seller, would buy from again.
    Originally posted by vsaints View Post
    Highly recommended! He is very professional, friendly and his service is the fastest and safest you'll get! He keeps you updated frequently and is helpful if you have questions. +1 Vouch
    Originally posted by Insomniac View Post
    +1 Vouch!
    Safe, reliable, and quick! Even gave me a few extra levels ^ ^ Thanks again!
    Originally posted by OldMessages View Post
    Had another 10-200 done - was complete in less than 24 hours! Probably the fastest plvler out there - professional and friendly.
    Originally posted by questgee View Post
    ++++Vouch!!! Finished my Leveling 110-200 in just 10 hours!! crazy fast and very friendly
    Originally posted by yearn View Post
    +vouch did a few chars to 210 for me, lvl 3 links best
    lov u vince poo <33 lemme 3rdwheel ok ty
    Originally posted by truthsforme View Post
    Fast, safe, professional, and friendly. Got a bunch of my characters to 200 and 210. Took less than a month. +++++++ Vouch
    Originally posted by shadow123457 View Post
    Super fast service! Very quick to start and finish. +1
    Originally posted by iiMawesomex3 View Post
    VERY fast service, less than 24 hours for 1x lv200 and 2x lv120's
    Originally posted by Bipolar View Post
    +1 Vouch. Quick Service
    Originally posted by killuakamu View Post
    +1 vouch bought around 8 1-120!! 100% legit and supper fast
    Originally posted by Dabulus View Post
    bought 3 from 1-120
    super efficient despite having finals
    Originally posted by paulox30 View Post
    +1 Vouch . Really fast service I bought PWL on 6 accounts (Lv10-Lv100)

    Thanks :)
    Originally posted by wakeupsuper View Post
    +1 vouch

    Originally posted by likeafox View Post
    Originally posted by wakeupsuper View Post
    +1 vouch
    So so much this :) ty
    Originally posted by xxdoodlebob View Post
    Bought from 71-200! Great service.
    Originally posted by BulletProof View Post
    Vouch +1. Fast service and very friendly. Very professional as well!
    Originally posted by Insomniac View Post
    +1 Vouch again <3

    Always amazed at how quick Vince's service is. Nice guy to talk to too c;
    Highly recommended for other users looking for powerlevels ~
    Originally posted by connhangheo View Post
    +1 Vouch for power very high level from 220+ , its safe and fastest than other power level, he know what he doing for his business, trust worthy as promised. recommend for any one need. Thanks a lot Vin. <3
    Originally posted by jno012209 View Post
    +1 Vouch for being super quick, friendly, and very good prices!
    Very communicative and speedy, even when there was a patch update.
    Will recommend and buy from again :)
    Originally posted by jtmoney View Post
    Great quick and efficient service! 10/10 would recommend :)
    Originally posted by iluvhacks View Post
    I bought 2 level 165's. Not only did he get both to 165 (and another to 170 for free), but he's polite, patient, and informative. I wouldn't recommend anyone else for power-leveling but him. Additionally, he leveled it all within a day. Can't stress enough how amazing his service was.

    +1 Vouch.
    Originally posted by jtmoney View Post
    2nd time ordering and am extremely pleased with the speed of the service :) +vouch
    Originally posted by Insomniac View Post
    +1 Vouch ~

    Speedy service as usual ^ ^
    Originally posted by jtmoney View Post
    purchased 10-200 once again and Vince never dissapoints, service was done extremely quickly as always! thanks Vince!
    Originally posted by jjacks View Post
    +1 Vouch! Did 3 Level 100 characters within one night, super fast and friendly service. Would recommend!
    Originally posted by SuperPanda View Post
    +1, great job, bought 10-200 MM and finish it in a day. 100% will back again
    Originally posted by Respectable View Post
    Vouch +1 170 to 200 in less than 4 hours. AMAZING!!!
    Originally posted by Tyler1206 View Post
    I asked for level 120-200 and within 20 minutes I got a reply giving me easy-to-follow instructions to pay. I paid and within 5 minutes he let me know that he began the leveling! I went to sleep, woke up, played another game for a couple hours, and boom! I got a message that my leveling has been completed! 120-200 in approx 13 hours! Very great service and great price for the time! +1 vouch from me!
    Originally posted by jno012209 View Post
    +1 vouch again~ leveled another character of mine c: very fast and successful service
    Originally posted by Nerdbert View Post
    Great service! leveled up 3 chars from 1-100 in under 24 hours!
    Originally posted by thuannguyen View Post
    did a job 1-200 , not only did he help me with the service , he anwsered many of my questions , Thanks for everything ill be in contact !
    Originally posted by gohack View Post
    +2 to this magical magikarp. If you value your account, then you get what you pay for. This is my second time buying, and I'm nothing but satisfied. The prices seem high? If you're powerleveling an account worth a few stacks or or sentimental value, I would think that the quality of service, and peace of mind in not losing your hard earned account for sloppy botting services. Including the speed of completion, and polite as well as prompt communication all point towards a deal among deals. That's my honest opinion, and if you disagree at least you might get a refund from your script kiddy indifferent bottler after you get ban hammered. A++ work.
    Last edited by W8GS; 10-17-2018, 09:38 AM.

    Added on skype (bnbhvsh) [MENTION=151263]W8GS[/MENTION]


      [MENTION=151263]W8GS[/MENTION] I added you on skype.


        Mind if I make you a thread design? Free of charge :D


          Good luck man! I know you'll go far. (:


            Hey W8Bro

            Can you tell me how long 1-100
            would take and the chances of getting banned at your spots. i would not want to get banned
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              Originally posted by 1ready View Post
              Hey W8Bro

              Can you tell me how long 1-100
              would take and the chances of getting banned at your spots. i would not want to get banned
              Depends on class but 3-8 hours. Ban chance is miniscule.


                [MENTION=151263]W8GS[/MENTION] do you do lvls 1-183 ?~ because I would probably buy 2 services at different times~!
                Vouch thread ~ http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/show...18#post2111918


                  Add me on Skype MapleW1ngIt


                    Interested in custom power level. Added you on Skype.


                      added you on skype (topguaps) [MENTION=151263]W8GS[/MENTION]


                        adding to skype! (ericbacelo) [MENTION=151263]W8GS[/MENTION]


                          Im interested in custom level service
                          level 1-190
                          lemme know if you offer this


                            Added (astonegiant)


                              since you have a no ban guarantee for a lvl 1-120 what happens if it actually does get banned?
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