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iDunShare's revamped OMM's and safety guide! - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking



PixelMarket - Safe/Secure Trading & Instant Meso

PixelMarket is a new trading platform that allows 100% safe and secure trading for buyers and sellers.

Buyers don't have to worry about their money being gone and sellers running off, because the money is held by PixelMarket until both parties have confirmed that the order is successful.

Seller don't have to worry about charge backs, as PixelMarket covers 100% of charge backs, as long as buyers had confirmed their order. If buyers didn't confirm, sellers just provide proof of a successful transaction and they'll still receive their payment.

We encourage all users to continue posting threads here to advertise what you want to sell or buy, but to conduct the trade itself on PixelMarket. You can also post threads on the newly setup PixelForum at https://pxl.fm/forum

Good luck and trade safe!
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iDunShare's revamped OMM's and safety guide!

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    ! iDunShare's revamped OMM's and safety guide!

    Alright with the amount of people getting scammed now I felt like it was time to revamp @padron150 's guide (Not saying that it isn't a great guide still).
    My name is iDunShare and I've been a member of the community for about a year and a half and have been very active for the past 6 months. I have been an OMM for the past 3 weeks and have been preventing scams from happening ever since. However, people are still getting scammed as they don't take the proper precautions and often rush through trades. I however, am here to hopefully stop that.

    Today I will be taking you through the steps you should take to make sure you don't get scammed on GS. This won't 100% guarantee you won't get scammed but it will hopefully greatly reduce the risk!

    Let's start off with OMM's, an important aspect for both traders.


    An OMM is a user given the responsibility by the admins of GS, to moderate trades to help prevent scams. Using an OMM can greatly reduce the chance of getting scammed however when using certain payment methods or doing an account trade they cannot give 100% security. Using an OMM is highly recommended however as they do their best to make sure you will not get scammed and will make sure your trade goes smoothly. If you are doing a trade and ask to use an OMM and either the buyer or seller refuses (Unless they're saying that they'll go first) then please report it to either an OMM or a staff member (Mods/Smods/Admins) as they are 99% a scammer and need to be removed from the community. Your OMM's are @iDunShare @destiel @Bipolar @codester09 @W8GS [MENTION=125053]iPodGuru[/MENTION] and @padron150 The official list is located right here: http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/show...BEFORE-TRADING Make sure that you confirm that the skype is right and ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS get a PM confirmation from them over GS. If they don't agree to it or say that they can't right now for any reason DO NOT TRADE WITH THEM. This is an example of how I send out my confirmation PM's:
    PM Example
    NEVER ACCEPT AN EMAIL AS CONFIRMATION ALWAYS MAKE SURE IT'S A PM OVER GAMERSOUL. It is guaranteed that they are an imposter and make sure you report them to a staff member to prevent anyone else from getting scammed. On a last note, make sure you ALWAYS use an OMM to make sure to prevent a scam as much as possible.

    On a side note, us OMM's really appreciate it when you guys can make sure you're 100% ready before contacting us so you don't waste our time. Believe it or not we have lives too.

    Now onto probably the bigger of two, Buying!

    Safe Buying Practices:

    Alright so I will go over the steps I go through when buying something on GS to make sure I reduce my chance of being scammed (This is what I did before I became an OMM so anyone can follow along! )

    1. I always make sure that I PM my skype to the seller because when you post your Skype on a thread you can sometimes be the prey of an imposter. I have seen way too many incidents where people don't check to make sure that they're talking with the real seller and end up getting scammed by an imposter (The reason why I do step 2 )

    2. I would first make sure I got in contact with the person over skype and made sure that I had proof that that skype belonged to them (The easiest way to do this is simply ask them to send you a PM like this:
    PM Example

    3. The third thing that I do with every trade is set up a time that both of us + an OMM can be on to make sure the trade is safe. If the seller turns down an OMM and refuses to go first I know I'm dealing with a potential scammer and I back out of the trade right away and report it to a staff member/ an OMM.

    4. After setting up a time and we all meet up, I add both the seller and the OMM to a group chat and give the OMM the details of the trade so they know if they have to get something ready for the trade such as Teamviewer (A must for most NX/ Moneypak trades). During this time I get the OMM to PM both of us to make sure we don't have an imposter who is out to scam both of us.

    5. I finish up with the trade, thank everyone, pay the OMM (If needed) and leave vouches for everyone! To make a vouch thread you would go to the vouch section located here: http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/foru...-Vouch-Archive and create a new thread probably named: (Insert GS name here)'s Vouch thread!.

    If you chose to not to use an OMM (Bad decision IMO) and end up getting scammed, don't just let it go, make sure you do one of 2 things:

    1. PM the situation including all of your evidence to a staff member (Mods/Smods/Admins) or

    2. Make a thread in the market report section: http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/foru...Report-Section

    Doing this will make sure these scumbags cannot get away with scamming even more members and end up ruining other peoples experience here on the wonderful world of GS.

    Things to look out for on sellers:

    1. Join Date: I personally dislike trading with new members so my rule of thumb is I don't trade with anyone who has joined in the last 2-3 months.

    2. Post Count: Sellers with low post counts (3-10) probably just spammed their way to get into the market section and generally a lot of these people are returning scammers out to find more victims.

    3. BT user/ Donator: Now this isn't the best indicator of legitimate users but generally if they have BT or have donated then they're less likely to scam as they'll be banned and lose their own money.

    4. Vouches: Ask the seller to provide their vouch thread here on GS or if they have some in their visitor messages just go check those out and see how some of their other trades went. I dislike using ingame vouches as a judgement but sometimes if their in a reputable guild in the server I'll let it slide as those people generally are less likely to scam. I used to only go first if the seller had 5 or more vouches over me but honestly if they have a similar number or even more then it's your call. Now just having a ton of vouches doesn't mean their not going to scam, there have been members here who had godly reputations on the site and scammed over a few dollars. Don't let 10000 vouches cloud your judgement, if they seem sketchy and trying to rush through the trade back out just to be safe.

    5. Feedback score: This is along the same line as vouches, if they have a high feedback score then it shows that they've been in multiple trades and and have had good results during those trades. Again, just because they have a large amount of good feedback doesn't mean they won't scam so always be careful.

    6.Is their thread GFX'd/ well laid out: I make sure to see if the seller of the service/ items has put the time to either add some nice GFX or at least make their thread look nice with a nice layout then they usually aren't going to want to get banned and have wasted that time/money (If they paid for gfx) Although this is one of the worst indicators I do use it to judge trading with people.

    On a last note some other things that I watch out for are people who seem a little on edge about a trade, people who try and rush through it (Skipping over pm'ing me and things like that), and just shady people in general. If you're on edge about a potential seller, just PM and staff member (Mods/Smods/Admins) and they'll be glad to check if the sellers IP is linked to any previously banned users.

    Safe Selling Practices:

    I have been an active seller on GS for the past few months and have learned how to protect myself from getting scammed (As much as I can).
    These are the steps I follow when selling to users here on GS.

    1. I always get a staff member to check out a buyer to make sure they aren't linked to any previous scammers (Gotta be safe)

    2. I make sure the buyer PM's me their Skype to make sure I can link them to that Skype in case of the worst case scenario happens and I need to report them. (Only has happened once in my whole GS career)

    3. I make sure that I get in contact with an OMM and make sure we can set up a time all 3 of us are on to maintain the safety of everyone. Unless the buyer is willing to go first I would always get an OMM to make sure everyone was safe.

    4. At the time agreed upon I would add everyone to a group chat and ask the OMM to PM both of us to make sure they weren't an imposter. (This step is only applicable if you are using an OMM)

    5. We would proceed with the trade with either an OMM or not and complete our trade.

    6. Leave vouches/ feedback for everyone involved to help them out in future trades.

    The things I look out for in a seller I look out for in a buyer so I don't need to repeat myself just scroll up and look over that list.

    One thing I do look out for in buyers is if they insist on a certain payment method, namely Paypal as it is a buyer friendly payment method. You can have a perfectly fine trade and end up getting chargedback. I only take paypal from highly vouched/ old members as it is one of the most risky payment methods. I like to use NX, Meso, Moneypak (If you can't redeem it then @destiel offers a free Moneypak to Paypal service and is an OMM so she is highly trusted and recommended), Western Union (Never personally used it but heard good things),Riot Points cards, iTunes cards and e-interac for Canadians.


    Some things I personally try and avoid are account trades as they are highly risky and you can never 100% guarantee getting the original info and the seller can just recover their account whenever. I also avoid IGN trades as IGN's are easily stolen and risky to trade too. If doing an IGN trade I recommend doing it late at night and not letting anyone know about it other than the buyer and possibly and OMM if you're using one.

    Do Not Trade list and Open Disputes: Before trading I like to check the open disputes to see if the buyer/seller has one open (They're not allowed to trade if they have one open) and I like to look on the DNT list to see if their skype is on there or if I'm buying and IGN to see if it's on the stolen IGN list.

    DNT List:http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/show...t-Stolen-IGN-s

    Market Report Section: http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/foru...Report-Section

    If you see anything else that should be added do PM me, hit me up on skype (RyanDunShare) or leave a comment (if this thread is left open) and I'll try to add it in.

    Credits to @padron150 for his original safe selling thread.
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