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Cass Powerleveling! Cheapest and Fastest. *nego* - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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Cass Powerleveling! Cheapest and Fastest. *nego*

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    MSEA PowerLevel Cass Powerleveling! Cheapest and Fastest. *nego*


    I have done several accounts up to lv 160 without bans.
    Everything that i hunt from the powerleveling process will be yours. :)
    I don't do thieves though due to the lack of mobbing skills.
    Also, the process will be faster if 50 fame is provided. :D
    ** Please provide your AP / Skill build :)
    ** Please also put like 2 or 3 mil inside the character for potions

    Rates : ( Mesos in Cass only :]

    1-30 : 5k @cash / 200m / RM10
    1-70 : 15k @cash / 500m / RM35
    1-100 : 25k @cash / 900m / RM60
    1-120 : 40k @cash / 1.5b / RM100

    For 70-100 it will be 15m per level.
    For 100-120 it will be 20m per level.

    Quests :

    I do fame quests or peridot quests.

    Just offer me :)

    Contact method :

    Whatsapp / SMS ONLY


    *Feel free to nego abit :) i take items and stuff
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    format copy mine haiz


      Originally posted by ultimateorb View Post
      format copy mine haiz
      Ohh you posted on another page right?
      Yeahh i did do some reference on what to write..
      If you don't like it tell me i'll rewrite the whole thing :D


        @pulpufresh its ok i dont mind keep it this way