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Clean Skype & Patched/Modding

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    guide Clean Skype & Patched/Modding

    This download seeks to clean Skype & make it less invasive, less ad filled, a bit cleaner.
    Yes, Skype will be "outdated", however the cons of being "outdated" are nothing. The pros far outweigh immensely them.
    Phoning home is something Skype does for no real apparent reason & this is blocked to some degree.

    If you already have a newer version of Skype installed, you can just find the Skype.exe file within this download, close Skype, & replace your Skype.exe file with the one provided.
    Once you restart Skype you should notice changes instantly.

    Link - https://imgur.com/a/yZhHg

    Download - https://puu.sh/rp18z/99b175a660/skype.zip

    Now I will note that within the reg file provided, you can adjust the line
    "ProductName"="Skype™ 6.14"
    Increasing the version value.

    Adjusting this value may or may not do something, who knows.

    You can also, using a hex editor, adjust the line within the exe file

    Increasing this version value.

    These changes are just to be sure that automatic updates do not force you to update or change your setup.
    It may or may not work.
    Changing the file Skype.exe to read-only may also help.

    As a side note, because of the invasive Microsoft data collection, it may be a good idea to use PeerBlock, which is described within this album
    Link - https://imgur.com/a/IBq2X