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Site Rules & Guidelines - GamerSoul - Where Gaming Meets Hacking


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Site Rules & Guidelines

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    notice Site Rules & Guidelines

    I. Posting Guidelines/Rules

    All members are required to read our
    Terms of Service

    1. When posting on the forums, please refrain from posting anything that might start drama or arguments. This includes antagonizing or trolling other users for a response. These rules do not apply in the Random Spam section.
    *Always check the section you're posting in for stickied threads. They may contain additional posting rules or guidelines. Additionally make sure you're posting in the correct section.

    2. We absolutely do not tolerate any images or links that contain any of the following:
    • [*=2]Nudity or pornographic material
      [*=2]Gore or anything that may be extremely offensive
      [*=2]Warez or pirated software
    3. Please keep all posts on topic to the original post made by the thread starter. A post with just emotes is considered spam. This rule does not apply to Random Spam.

    4. No forum bashing. If you dislike another forum, keep it to yourself.

    5. No advertising for the sake of advertising. Discussion of content & mirroring of content which happens to be on another site is permitted.

    6. No PTC (Paid to click) or referral links. No exceptions.

    7. No insulting any staff member anywhere on the site.

    8. No posting others personal information, also known as dox.

    9. This is an English forum. Please post in English. Anything else will be considered spam.

    10. Do not flood your post with images or emotes.

    11. Do not discourage contributors from creating threads.

    12. Do not directly ask for thanks or reputation.

    13. Posting in a generic way simply to increase your post count is not allowed. This includes posts such as "thanks", "cool", "nice release", "good job", and anything that is clearly not making an attempt at a discussion or is not a question/answer. Stupid questions or statements will be infracted.

    14. Civil and polite behavior is expected of all members, and will be enforced. This includes racism, any use of racial slurs, sexism, or any form of harassment against a person because of their religion, age, ethnicity, or disability.

    15. No "mini-modding". We have a report button for a reason, use that instead of posting in the thread pointing out the rule that's being broken. Your post will be infracted for spam otherwise.

    16. Attempting to spam in order to enter the Market section or access any other permissions with a post requirement will result in a 1 day (or more) ban with all your posts reset.

    17. Evading a ban will result in an extended ban, or permanent, for the main account, and permanent for all other accounts.

    18. "Necroposting" is not tolerated. "Necroposting" is considered replying to a thread in which the last post was a long period prior to the new post, i.e. typically 3 months or longer.

    II. Market Sections

    1. Please be sure to use the correct Market section when making a thread.
    1. [*=1]General Market - For all non-MS related buying & selling.
      [*=1]MapleStory Market - For only MS related buying & selling.

    2. Check the MapleStory Market / General Market rules and guidelines for more specific details on posting in those sections.

    3. Posts in all Market sections do not count, but this does not mean you can post whatever you'd like. All posts should only be made if you are interested in what's being sold or bought. Posting to bump is no longer needed, please see this thread.

    4. If you believe you were the victim of a scam, please do not post in the user's thread(s), on their profile, or leave negative iTrader feedback that they are a scammer. Make a report thread in the Report Section, including any and all evidence to help your case. If enough evidence is given, the user will be banned.

    5. Vouch threads and the iTrader Feedback Score system are more of a "I've done this many successful trades" and not a place to accuse other's of scamming without proof. So please refer to rule 3 of the Market section.

    6. Official Middle Man List http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/show...BEFORE-TRADING

    7. Scamming, which includes stealing items, charging back payments, or anything that tricks a user out of their money/items for your personal gain will result in a permanent ban for all accounts. Whether you scam $1, $500, refuse to pay an OMM fee, or steal an item, it's a permanent ban. You are never allowed back on the site unless a Staff member deems you safe to be here again.

    8. Make sure to check the Do Not Trade List for a list of emails/Skypes/IGN's that are used by previous scammers.

    9. No Social Engineering services are allowed to be sold.

    10. You need 4 posts in order to post threads and replies in the Market sections.

    III. Infraction Section

    1. This section is only for people to dispute their own infractions that they have received. If you post in an infraction thread that doesn't concern you, you may be punished.

    2. Common infractions are worth 2 points. Some infractions can be worth 4 points, 6 points or 8 points. Infractions do expire, however if you accumulate 8 points before they expire, you receive an automatic 7 day ban.

    IV. Random Spam

    1. The only rules for this section are found here.

    V. Accounts

    1. Having multiple accounts is allowed. However using them to bypass bans or other restrictions will result in all accounts being removed. If a staff member sees that you're an on alternate account while another account is banned, it will be removed and your main account's ban/restriction extended.

    2. Creating an account to impersonate another user is forbidden. This includes, but is not limited to, staff members.

    3. No sharing of accounts, or giving accounts to other users. If you're caught doing this, the account will be banned.

    4. As stated under Section I, using multiple accounts to boost your own Thanks/Reputation will result in removal of the alternate accounts and banned on the main account (one with most posts).

    5. You are responsible for anything that occurs from your account, this includes if it's compromised and scams other users. You are also responsible for any IM accounts (MSN, AIM, Skype, etc) that are linked to your GamerSoul account. If you share your IM account ID/username on this site, this means it will be linked to your GamerSoul account.

    VI. Signatures/Avatars

    1. No nudity or pornographic images.

    2. No gore or any images that may be offensive.

    3. Obviously no virus links or advertising links.

    VII. The Chatbox

    1. No linking to pornographic sites or images.

    2. No advertising your market threads.

    3. No spamming useless messages. For example, random letters and numbers just to be annoying.

    4. One emote per message you send.

    5. No support questions. This is not a strictly enforced rule, as long as it's just a question that would have a short answer. If you have any support questions regarding BT, please make a thread either in the GMS or MSEA support sections. Whichever applies to you.

    6. Do not spam annoying bbcodes, such as video or img tags.

    7. The chatbox is for general chatting with your fellow members. It is not there for you to be crude / impolite / uncivilized / perverted.

    8. Chatting in English is required. As it is in the forum.

    9. If you are asked repeatedly by other
    Easter hint: Conduct your business safely.
    to stop doing something, be polite & stop.

    10. Various chatbox bbcodes are meant for staff use only. Staff members are defined as Admins, Mods, & SMods. Using such bbcodes will result in an instant ban.

    11. Bypassing a chatbox ban will result in your first account receiving a ban from the entire forum, along with a ban for any alternative accounts.

    VIII. Official Resellers/Middlemen

    1. Only Official Resellers are allowed to sell BT licenses. Anyone else caught trying to do so will be banned.

    2. Only Official Middlemen are allowed to middle man trades.

    IX. Thread Titles

    1. All thread titles should reflect the contents of your thread. Please do not vaguely title your thread. For example: "help", "come in", "Look at this!"

    2. No fake releases, this includes in Random Spam.

    X. Releases

    1. Releases that include download links require a virus scan (and anubis or other sandbox scan when possible). Your thread will be deleted if one isn't provided. No Exceptions.

    2. You are responsible for any links or downloads you provide in your release, whether you are the actual owner/creator is irrelevant.

    3. If you are not the original creator/owner of your release, please give proper credits to the person it belongs too. It is not required, but it is frowned upon by the community to leech something and not give credits.

    XI. Miscellaneous

    1. You need two or more posts in order to send private messages, have a signature, use the chatbox, and post links.

    2. Learn our bbcodes at http://www.gamersoul.com/forums/misc.php?do=bbcode

    3. Abuse of Thanks/Reputation systems will not be tolerated. This includes using alternate accounts to boost your own stats, or trading/exchanging stats with other users. Doing so will result a ban on your main account and/or removal of alternate accounts and your stats being reset.

    4. You may not use official tags (any that are given by staff) as your avatar. You may create your own, but they cannot contain the same words as any official tags (Moderator, Admin, Support, Donator, etc). You may not use the word "Trusted" in your user title, custom post field or thread titles.

    These rules/guidelines may change, new ones added or some removed at any time for any reason.

    Last edited by Derzzie; 01-01-2015, 02:01 PM. Reason: Fixed spacing

    Feel free to post suggestions or comments.
    Credits to Multitask‎ for typing most of this list.
    Last edited by Cody; 12-11-2013, 12:12 AM. Reason: removed identifying info


      Thanks for this, gonna help me know what to do and what not to do.


        Finally "2. No advertising your market threads." I hate when people spam their market threads in the chat box now it's official that they cant. My favorite rule

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          VI. Signatures/Avatars
          1. No nudity or pornographic images.



            Originally posted by Theholyone View Post
            VI. Signatures/Avatars
            1. No nudity or pornographic images.


            I don't believe he has any nudity in his sig. She is covered.
            Ex-OMM and Mod.


              Originally posted by Theholyone View Post
              VI. Signatures/Avatars
              1. No nudity or pornographic images.


              There is no nudity in his signature. She is clothed although it has various implications.


                I don't have anything in my sig...


                  Should make it so that nobody can log back in to their accounts until they've read this thread


                    So we can't have link to our market thread on our sig?


                      Originally posted by LordTsuna View Post
                      So we can't have link to our market thread on our sig?
                      [MENTION=105562]LordTsuna[/MENTION] That rule only applies to Chatbox. You're allowed to have your market thread links in your signature


                        Finally we have some fucking rules.


                          Rules are only for people who are douches....


                            Originally posted by iPodGuru View Post
                            Rules are only for people who are douches....
                            I disagree. Rules keep people from becoming douches.

                            How strictly will #10 be enforced?

                            "10. Do not directly ask for thanks or reputation."

                            Sometimes, I contribute positively to another user's question or problem in a significant way and do put "thank me if I helped." I guess what I'm trying to say is, what do you mean by "directly asking" and what is too far?
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                              Cool, so now I know that I'm allowed to have multiple accounts.