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    Is your maplestory Crashing? That's annoying, hopefully you found this guide before you got to frustrated with your problem, I remember a few years ago I was always having problems with my maplestory and there was no one around to help me, luckily you guys have me, and that gorgeous support team of W8Baby's. This will be broken up into Sections, so if you have a general idea of what your problem is, you can just skip straight to it. If you do not know what your problem is at all it may benefit you to read the entire thread, so you can help others, and have a good knowledge of all causes for future problems as well.


    Injector: If your injector is the problem then you have a few options to try out. First, you need to run Maplestory as an Administrator, and run your injector as an administrator, make sure to inject a bypass first and then the hacks after. If you are still having problems try a different Injector.

    Trainers/Hacks: If you feel that it's the actual Hack or trainer that is the problem causing your crashes, then you may want to read on. The first thing you want to check is that you have current hacks and trainers, if you do not go download some and retry. Make sure you're not getting any .Dll errors, if you are then download the needed DLL and put a copy in C\Windows\System
    Your maplestory Folder I.E. C\Nexon\Maplestory
    If you are still having problems, download and install
    The Redistributive package:
    Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
    Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

    Maplestory Files: Another thing to check is that you have good files, sometimes we edit our .wz files, and corrupt or mess them up, you can fix this by replacing them with the clean ones you can find on the thread (Link Soon)

    You can also redownload Maplestory.

    Registry problems: (Will write this tomorrow)

    Low CPU/Computer performance: You could download Gamebooster here: www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html

    If that doesn't help, then the only other thing you could do for a low performance PC, is lower the settings on maplestory all the way down, or buy a new computer.

    If you still have problems after reading this thread, post below, I will do my best to help you with your problem, also if I left anything out and you would like to contribute, let me know. I wrote this at midnight, I was extremly tired, and may have left out some important information. Help me help you!

    Credits for this thread;
    Myself (GoldenFig)

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    I'm here for good ol' tech support. I don't hack nor use ANY additional programs to run maplestory. My problem's being going on since the resistance patch. I randomly crash at any given time: Sitting on any map, doing anything, not doing a thing, logging in, FM, changing channels, you name it. At any random time. It seems that the more I'm doing the faster it crashes: say I was hunting Zeta-Grays and I crash be it just starting or 2 minutes later, but in Zeta-Grays it doesn't last long. I don't think it's my computer.

    My specs are: Nvidia GTX 460
    AMD Phenom 8450 (Three cores, 2.1 Ghz each)
    2 sticks of 800, 2 gigs ram.
    I have 7 gigs of free space in my main Disk, 10 gigs in my partition where I installed maple, and 6 gigs of virtual memory in a third partition (have also tried having it all in "C" Drive.

    I have Windows 7 and XP, the crash happens on both OS. I have tried: Running it without ANY background processes and services but for the very basic ones, downloading and reinstalling, using REVO uninstaller to wipe the entire registry of maplestory files, updating drivers (which are always up do date but wth, redownload em and clean reinstall). Reinstalling VCredist and .NET framework. Shutting down my only antivirus, which is ESET NOD, during redownload and install and playing (Which I did multiple times for both OS), I don't run a firewall and the windows one is de-activated. Checked temps and CPU and memory usage (hell even tempered with core affinity) and they were all good (Had 2 gigs of free RAM and 40% core inactivity). I turned my router into a DMZ and opened all ports to check, turned off the sound in maplestory, graphics to lowest, resolution switches, windowed and fullscreen mode, stop the shaking of the screen... I have tried EVERYTHING I could think of. Starting through the launcher, the webpage, etc. I play an Aran in El Nido, and went to my friend's house to play: flawless. I didn't crash once in around 2 hours, while I crash within the first 5 minutes in my own place.

    My PC is the best PC in my house, while everything else is absolute crap. I snatched my dad's Celeron with 1 ghz of processor and some shitty graphics and whatnot, but hey, it runs Warcraft 3. Installed it there, and tried to run it, and just freezes randomly (Which could be explained to it being a shitty computer, but not sure). I have tried everything short of pluggin the computer directly into the phone line (I wanted to conect it directly to the modem, and my dad answered: our router doubles as a modem, and that just made me go: what? Didn't even bother with that option anymore). I have played maplestory since the beta. Some time ago it started crashing too, switched OS to windows 7 and it worked fine, and now this comes up again... I dunno what to do.

    I tried submitting a ticket at nexon, guess how that worked out: A month later they answer with a generic possible error causes answer, while I had specified I had already done all those things and more (redownload and install, firewall, etc). They closed it down and prompted me to open it if I wasn't satisfied with the answer. I did. They got back to it a week (or a month later, cannot remember), saying sorry it wasn't of help, repeated the same answers and closed it for good. Yep, awesome support.

    This has been going on for nearly six months, and the frustration just hit it's peak, which is to say INSANELY high, please, help.

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    I still keep crashing too. I'll be training LEGITLY and out of no where "would u like to send an error report" from microsoft pops up.. NO I DONT WANT TO SEND AN ERROR REPORT! i wanna FUCKING STOP CRASHING

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