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    Before you go on, all credits go to darrick.
    I found this thread and it seemed more then helpful and almost shameful to not have it here.
    Below you will see multiple problems that maple story may have, and the solutions.

    Recieving WSA Startup Error or Error: 10093? These simple instructions will help solve this problem!

    1) click Start
    2) click Run (for Vista and Windows 7 users, run COMMAND PROMPT AS ADMINISTRATOR(just look for command prompt and right-click it and click run as administrator)
    3) For XP users, type cmd in the run box
    4) type in netsh winsock reset
    5) If it worked succesfully, it will tell you to restart your computer
    6) If it requires elevation go to Users and uncheck the account control thing(I dont know where this account control thing for XP is...this is for Vista)
    7) Now try repeating the same steps and it should work
    credits go to EdwardLJones
    Getting a message saying Input/Frequency/Video Mode Not Supported? These simple instructions will help fix it!

    Go to your MapleStory folder and double-click setup.exe and then click No on the pop-up
    it will show up the same screen at different frequencies and tells you to click Alt + H if it works
    You might see the picture, but if you see a box showing something about frequency not correct or something similar, you just let it continue to the next frequency, and when you see the picture they show up without the input not supported box there, you can now click Alt + H or wait until the popup shows up asking if it is the correct frequency and you click yes.
    It should show that the computer has been set to XX Mhz frequency...XX meaning a number
    When it says restart MapleStory, it means re-open MapleStory
    Problems installing/patching the game? Directly download the MapleStory Folder here without installing or patching! (V.97)
    this should help solve the problem for the people experiencing the problem of not being able to install maplestory because you either do not have enough space on your C:\ drive for the temporary folders or you experience the data1.cab problem when installing or some other issue that causes you to not be able to install (for example…stuck on extracting maplestory.msi or stuck on patching base.wz)downloading the folder should allow you to play; if you know a friend who plays MapleStory, copying their MapleStory folder to your computer via a USB flash drive would work too
    Download for V.97 Manual Patch (Nexon Official Website)http://download2.nexon.net/Game/MapleStory/ManualPatch/ManualPatcherv97.exe
    Getting the "DLL Not Found" Error? Updating C++ to the latest version will fix this problem!
    For users running 32-bit Operating Systems: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/e...displaylang=en
    For users running 64-bit Operating Systems: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/e...4-157cfdffee4e
    Are you getting the popup, “Cannot locate the game installation path. Please check the installation” when trying to run GameLauncher? This will fix the problem very easily!

    Just run GameLauncher as an administrator and MapleStory should start
    Unable to connect to MapleStory? Give this thread a try!
    Getting HackShield Update Error: 0x0000030 (805306416)? Give these solution a try!
    I----Run ASPLnchr.exe from your Nexon folder, then retry.

    Download regcure, perfect optimizer those are the only two i remember that works now this one more. I just simply downloaded free trial for regcure then fixed like some problems then uninstalled regcure then downloaded perfect optimizer then fixed trial problems then uninstalled cause im not gonna buy the product. But if you wanna buy the product and fix all problems you could do that. Well someone suggested this to me and i highly doubted dint know that registry fixers could do this. But after i did this i tried maple story and it worked.

    I was getting this error message on my windows XP machine running Panda AntiVirus and none of the posted fixes worked. Here is what I did to remedy the problem.
    1. Navigate to "System Restore" by clicking: "Start", "All Programs", "Accessories", "System Tools", "System Restore"
    2. Select "Restore Computer to an Earlier Time"
    3. Choose to restore your computer to a date prior to September 16th ( I chose Sept 14th )
    4. Let the restore process complete. ( It will reboot your system and then give you a message that the restore was successful upon completion)
    5. Once your system has successfully restored and you have closed the "successfully restored" message box, Navigate to system "Services" by clicking: "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", and then "Services"
    6. (This is where you will have to use investigative skills) Look through the entire list of services. What you are looking for are services associated with your particular antivirus.
    7. Once you have located the services associated with your antivirus, right-click on the service, and select "stop" Make sure to "Stop" every service that is associated with your antivirus.
    8. After, ALL of the antivirus services are stopped, navigate to the Maplestory Folder and launch "Maplestory"
    9. The hackshield patch should now successfully run and you should now be able to play Maplestory! Woot!

    I would suggest logging into the game then, logging out and rebooting your computer. This will turn the antivirus services back on and your system will be protected once again. Otherwise, if you do not reboot, you will not be protected from viruses. I hope this is helpful for some of you.

    Trying to run MapleStory but nothing seems to be happening? Give this solution a try!
    Check if you have MapleStory on compatibility mode and if you do, turn it off and see if it fixes the problem
    A theory to fixing “the patch file is corrupt…” error based on personal experience!
    I experienced some technical difficulties with patching MapleStory. It gave me the "Base.wz The patch file is corrupt. Please try again. If the same error occurs, please delete all previous MapleStory game files and re-install the game client from maplestory.nexon.net" in case anyone wants to know.
    I fixed this problem by just uninstalling the game and reinstalling using MSSetupv93.exe as downloading MSSetupv95.exe would take me a little over 5 hours. And I just opened MapleStory after it finished installing MapleStory version 93 on my computer and it patched to the latest version without the error when patching. So this might prove as a useful information for fixing this problem. Reinstalling maplestory using a previous version MSSetup.exe first and patching from there if reinstalling from the latest version of MSSetup.exe does not work.
    My maplestory successfully patched and was working after the first update of version 95 but I experienced this error during the second update of version 95. The only thing I remember that could have caused this error was that I did a system restore the day before. So my theory is if you did a system restore to before a patch update, it corrupts your maplestory files and causes wizet patcher to not be able to patch it at the next version update.
    Help! I'm unable to connect to MapleStory due to a server check, firewall, or any network issues! This solution may help!
    Kk people just like last time I had this issue in December I finally came to remember what to do. am on a laptop and it finally hit me after trying to do every possible firewall thing I could do. I checked the network part of the problem and I was on my normal wifi connection and 2 other local area connection that had no internet. HOWEVER weird part is I'm on a laptop and for a local area connection to exist you have to have the internet cable plugged in.
    SO, if your on a desktop having this issue you should only have 1 LAN connection not 2! Disable the one that isn't your regular connection.
    Laptops, if your on wifi disable ur LAN connections! Unless you are on a LAN connection, then determine which is best to use and turn off.
    Hopes this helps out for you people and that its not too hard for some of you to find your network settings/ network and sharing center.
    Having trouble starting MapleStory from the website! Try this!
    I found a solution that worked for me , hopefully this helps others who are dealing with the problem on the website . For many Global MS maplers , you can't see the log - in / news & updates on the website , right ?
    So here's what you do , uninstall Maplestory from your computer . Redownload it & reinstall it.
    Go on to www.maplestory.nexon.net & when you get there, go to the News, go down to News or Updates & click on " Maple Madness ".
    Once you are there , click " Click here for more info ", then scroll all the way down & click " What are you waiting for ? Start the game now ! " Login from there & it should launch the game .
    It may take like a minute or two for maple to load to get to the world maps , but from there , you should be able to play ! :) Hope this helps .

    Original Post: http://forum.nexon.net/Mabinogi/foru...d/4367141.aspx

    Here are some useful downloads :)

    GameBooster - If you haven't heard of it, it's a great tool, read details on the official website Here
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    Should help alot of people getting these problems, great job!

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    I tried the solution to maplestory doesn't open up but in taskmanager it says its running and still ms doesn't open up from gamelauncher

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    About time someone made one of these.
    Very handy!

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    Thanks, I've had a couple of these errors before x_x
    Good to see that beginners will know how to fix em!

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    Nice job making this. Always nice to see people contributing to the forum like this

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