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    Please read the FAQ's below before continuing, thank you!

    Frequently asked questions

    Q: Why should I pick your services over another?
    A: Aside from me having done thousands of successful trades, our team only consists of Gamersoul administration/staff. We use our own private custom coded programs (ex. #1 #2 #3) as well as our very own Blight VIP here at Gamersoul to create your accounts to assure that they are safe for you when you purchase. Our services are the most discrete and respected here on Gamersoul, we will not jeopardize your account reputation in any way if you purchase our services and account chain bans are non-existent with our services. Additionally, we all know each other in real life so there is absolutely no chance that anyone in our team will ever go rogue meaning your account will never ever be stolen in the future. Rest assured that when you purchase from us, your accounts will be 100% safe and secure for life. Should anything ever go wrong on our part, we also have a guaranteed full refund policy in place. Refer to my powerleveling thread for more proof of dedication & experience.

    Q: Do you take my money first? How does payment work?
    A: We do not take the full payment first unless you are purchasing a pre-made account or power farming mesos. You must make a deposit of 35% of the order before we begin your account if you are ordering an on-demand account. You will pay the rest once your account is completed and you are absolutely happy with your purchase. For power farming mesos on your account, it is charged the same as the power leveling category and you will be charged before we begin for the amount of mesos that you want.

    Q: What payments do you accept?
    A: Paypal, Paypal Cash Cards and Bitcoins

    Q: How long do accounts take to create?
    A: Depending on the amount you purchased, it will be roughly 7-14 days.

    Q: Are the accounts on the rankings? Are they safe?
    A: Yes, all of our accounts are on the rankings. We know account selling is a tricky business because if you do not buy from a reputable seller there is a chance that it can be recovered at any time in the future by simply sending a ticket to Nexon. However, I can personally assure you that we have put forth all of our efforts to prevent this from ever happening to accounts that we sell.

    Q: Are the Reboot boxes intact?
    A: Yes, all the Reboot boxes are intact.

    Q: Do the accounts come with any free stuff?
    A: Unlike most sellers that only provide Blaze Wizards and/or Kinesis jobs, our accounts will vary and have classes at level 200+ such as Jetts, Kaisers, Mihiles, Wild Hunters, etc. We make our account classes randomly so if you have a preference, let us know and we will do our best to accommodate for what you need (price may increase depending on class).

    Q: Do you sell boss runs?
    A: I am currently not doing bosses because Nexon ruined Demon Avengers but click here to purchase boss runs from another staff member.

    Q: Are prices negotiable?
    A: All prices are set as is on this thread. Prices are currently not negotiable but discounts are possible depending on the situation at hand.

    Q: How do I contact you?
    A: Add me on Skype. Use the following dialog:

    Pre-Made Price Structure
    20 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $100
    30 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $150
    40 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $200
    50 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $250
    60 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $300
    70 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $350
    80 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $400
    90 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $450
    100 billion mesos + level 200+ character = $500

    Power Farming Price

    Power Farming is for people who have valuable main accounts that need mesos on it. I have power farmed mesos for many higher end accounts as well as many legit top ranked players in Reboot. This used to be an exclusive private offer for a few select players in the past but it is now being offered for public purchase due to moderately high demand for it. Contact me on Skype for more details.

    I reserve the right to refuse and refund any orders depending on your in-game reputation.

    Reboot Powerleveling
    Level 1-120 = $20 (12 Lv. 2 Link Mules Bundle: $180)
    Level 1-200 = $50
    Level 1-210 = $150 (12 Lv. 3 Link Mules Bundle: $1600)

    Custom levels can be requested, feel free to ask.

    2m-2m Accounts
    Price will vary, message me if you want to purchase
    All accounts come with a unique 4-7 letter IGN
    (You may purchase just the IGN if you add me on Skype | Price range: $250-$500)
    IGN Tier Examples: Blue, Demon, Noob, Shadow, etc.

    Account #1 | Ice/Lightning Mage
    PRICE = $800
    Clean Range - http://puu.sh/pPshN/982286d774.jpg
    Buffed Range - http://puu.sh/pPsje/fd04573e57.jpg
    Link Skills - http://puu.sh/pPskl/b26f6126f4.jpg
    Kinesis Link Mule - http://puu.sh/pPskZ/384b17c21b.jpg
    Kinesis Link Mule Buffed - http://puu.sh/pPslX/ece72650eb.jpg

    Account #2 | Phantom
    PRICE = $1000
    Clean Range - http://puu.sh/q44la/716c9bdc40.png
    Buff Range - http://puu.sh/q44jY/ce489a0357.png
    Equips Overview - http://puu.sh/q44mz/c3888b9b36.png
    Link Skills - http://puu.sh/q44lF/691ce83a92.png
    Comes with +60 billion PURE MESO

    Account #3 | Angelic Buster
    PRICE = $700
    Clean Range - http://puu.sh/q44Nr/9278fc49de.png
    Buff Range - http://puu.sh/q44ME/e315ff7f9e.png
    Equips Overview - http://puu.sh/q44EY/0cd26d6317.png
    Link Skills - http://puu.sh/q44Hd/0173625dc8.png

    Account #4 | Phantom

    PRICE = $1200
    Clean Range - http://puu.sh/qlnPd/af89b40eb1.png
    Buff Range - http://puu.sh/qlnVq/e2d323c523.png
    Equips Overview - http://puu.sh/qlo6A/7f8d07dae0.png
    Equips Overview#2 - http://puu.sh/qlofm/ea0b39282d.png
    Equips Overview #3 - http://puu.sh/qloia/3bfc5e83e9.png
    Equips Overview #4 - http://puu.sh/qloko/bd91c94332.png
    Equips Overview #5 - http://puu.sh/qlomR/50c9fc030a.png
    Link Skills - http://puu.sh/qlnXm/b7b72c1c92.png

    Account #5 | Demon Slayer
    PRICE = $550
    Clean Range -
    Buff Range - https://puu.sh/qYbcx/d76c680745.jpg
    Link Skills - https://puu.sh/qYcXj/0a5b84654d.jpg

    Account #6 | Phantom
    PRICE = $900
    Clean Range - https://puu.sh/qYX6m/5cae9079b8.png
    Buff Range - https://puu.sh/qYXcn/568dcfd0e7.png
    Equips Overview - https://puu.sh/qYXZG/3b35332dde.png
    Link Skills - https://puu.sh/qYXZb/580625130a.png

    Account #7 | Night Walker

    PRICE = $500
    Clean Range -
    Buff Range - http://puu.sh/qZnbz/0d10d6a6f8.png
    Equips Overview - http://puu.sh/qZnce/2392d28633.png
    Link Skills - http://puu.sh/qZnd1/657aa7e844.png
    Comes with +10 billion PURE MESO

    Account #8 | Phantom
    PRICE = $1100
    Clean Range -
    Buff Range - https://puu.sh/r8d9W/70c2dea017.png
    Link Mules -
    Comes with +38 billion PURE MESO
    Comes with a 120% meso drop rate 200+ Blaze Wizard

    Account #9 | Mihile
    PRICE = $1200

    Account #10 | Kaiser
    PRICE = $1500

    Account #11 | Kinesis

    PRICE = $500
    Clean Range -
    Buff Range -
    Link Mules -
    True Range - 3.2-3.8 mil
    Comes with +93 billion PURE MESO

    Account #12 | Kaiser

    PRICE = $1000
    Clean Range -
    Buffed Range - http://puu.sh/rrDX6/16eb360767.png
    Equips Overview - http://puu.sh/rrDXN/5ac4730a5b.png
    Link Mules - http://puu.sh/rrH0c/760f9ccae0.png

    Account #13 | Shade

    PRICE = $1000
    No unique IGN, can be added for a premium price
    Clean - https://puu.sh/rFX9D/d3bc0c2b50.png
    Buffed - https://puu.sh/rFX7X/d748d3d755.png
    Equips - https://puu.sh/rF42c/2a2556e94c.png
    Links - https://puu.sh/rF42H/6d4432b1f2.png

    Account #14 | Dual Blade
    No unique IGN, can be added for a premium price
    PRICE = $100
    Clean Range - https://puu.sh/tNiRl/00e3afa3ae.png
    Buffed Range - https://puu.sh/tNiTQ/95e8528b41.png

    Account #15 | Demon Slayer
    Note: Account #15 is off rankings
    No unique IGN, can be added for a premium price
    PRICE = $600

    Clean range - https://puu.sh/umXjj/9c9edbf7f1.png
    Buffed range - https://puu.sh/umXs3/069c75d683.png
    Equipment Overview - https://puu.sh/umXvn/65818436aa.png
    Detailed Equipment Overview: https://puu.sh/umY9c/0a19a80fae.jpg
    Links: https://puu.sh/umXUo/5f586c5be1.png
    Comes with a 1 mil range Blaster for farming + 10 billion PURE MESO

    Do not post your account requests on this thread because I will delete them.
    I want all of my customers to remain anonymous when purchasing to prevent future in-game drama.
    All account inquiries can be made over Skype or Gamersoul PM.

    Last edited by W8GS; 04-28-2017 at 12:21 PM. Reason: Demon Slayer & Night Walker sold
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    click the world icons above to see our services offered in each of the respective servers

    contact me on skype here


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