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Thread: GamerSoul FAQ

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    Since many new users seem to be unfamiliar with how most forums work, I decided to make a FAQ thread to reduce the amount of threads made for simple questions.

    First, if you didn't already know, we have a FAQ page for really basic things located here. You can navigate to this page by going to the Forum Tab and choosing "FAQ".
    These tabs can actually answer a lot of questions users have.

    (Click words)
    Forum Tab

    Markets Tab

    Help Tab

    Nexon Tab

    Blizzard Games

    Valve Games

    NCsoft Games

    Other Games

    Where can I see the forum rules?
    They're located in this thread. However, don't forget that each section also has "stickied" threads that may contain additional rules/guidelines for posting in that specific section. Stickied threads are the threads that are always at the top of the list, they will say "Pinned" next to the title.

    Why aren't my posts counting towards my post count?
    Posts that occur in some sections do not count towards your post count. These sections include Market Sections, Random Spam, Rants & Raves, and Introductions/Farewell section.

    Where can I purchase access to the VIP section?
    You can purchase through this page.

    What does VIP offer?
    VIP offers the infamous Blight For previews, check this section, and for a more in-depth FAQ thread for VIP you can go here.

    Why can't I PM, post threads, see the chatbox, give thanks or rep?
    Some things on our site require a certain number of posts to see or do. This is to prevent abuse by some users. Do not spam to get the correct number of posts for each of these, as it may result in your account being banned temporarily or permanently.

    What are infractions and warnings?
    Infractions and warnings are a sites form of punishment. If you are given a warning, you receive no points towards your account, just a reminder to follow the rules. If you are given an infraction, you receive a set number of points. Different kinds of infractions will give you a different amount of points. Most infractions however will give you 2 points, but in some cases they can give you 4, 6, or even 8. Depending on the infraction type, these points will expire after a set amount of days.

    What happens if I get a lot of infractions?
    When you receive 7 accumulated infraction points (before they expire), your account will be temporarily banned from the website for 1 day & if you accumulate 8 infraction points (before they expire) you'll be banned for 1 week. If you continue to break rules after your ban, your account may be banned again for a longer period of time.

    I don't think my infraction was fair, what can I do?

    You can either PM the Staff member who gave you the infraction back and kindly ask what they did to deserve the infraction, or you can post in the infraction thread. Each infraction/warning that is given out, automatically creates a thread. These threads are located here. Please only post in infraction threads if you're disputing your infraction.

    How can I show someone I'm thankful for their post?
    At the bottom of every post, there's an option to "Thank" that post, or give that person reputation points for that post.
    You can only thank/rep 1 person every 24 hours, and you have to give rep to other users before you can rep the same person again.

    How can I assure the most safety when trading with another user?
    Visit our OMM List and our Do-Not-Trade List. Our Do-Not-Trade List is our most overlooked thread that could prevent many scams. The list contains many E-mails, Skype ID's, and IGN's of people that shouldn't be trusted or were previously banned from our site.

    What is an OMM?
    An OMM is an Official Middleman. They are some of the most trusted people on the site that were appointed by the Administrators to help users complete trades safely.

    I was scammed/charged back on, what do I do?
    Make a thread in our Market Report Section. Make sure to provide as much evidence as you can. Although we may not be able to get your money/items back, we can get rid of the scammer so that he can no longer harm any other users.

    Where are my account settings?
    They're located here. You can get here by using the bar where you logged in. You can edit most things here, such as your Email/password, avatar, signature, profile, and many other things.

    How do I post images?
    Once you have uploaded a picture to the internet using a site such as tinypic.com, imgur.com, imageshack.us, or photobucket.com, use [img][/img] tags. Place the image URL between those two tags and it will show the picture once you post.
    Ex. [img]URL of picture here[/img]
    You can also use many many other special tags to make your post/thread look unique, all these tags are located on this page.

    How do I edit my post/thread?
    After you post a thread or make a normal post, there will be an option to edit it at the bottom of it.

    How do I edit the title of my thread?
    To do this, you'll need to go into the Edit Post option (above), and then choose the "Go Advanced" option that will be on the bottom right of the post in edit mode.

    How do I close my thread?
    You can only close your own thread if you're a VIP user. If you're not VIP, feel free to PM a moderator and request to close your thread.

    I see a user who I think is breaking a rule, what do I do?
    On the bottom of every post/thread, there's a "Report Post" option. It's located next to the "Give Thanks" and "Give Reputation" options. Click this and give the reason for reporting and all Staff members will be able to see the report and take action if needed. You cannot get in trouble for reporting a post that doesn't deserve an infraction, however if you do abuse the report option to purposely annoy Staff, you will get an infraction yourself or possibly face a ban.

    I want to change the theme/style/background of GamerSoul, how can I do that?
    You can either use the Styles Tab at the top of the forum, or use the Styles option on the bottom left of the forum.

    What does the title under my username mean?
    These are called user titles. They change as your post count goes up, so posting more will get you more unique titles. (Don't confuse them with Ranks, or Tags. These are given for special usergroups)

    I will continue to add questions to this thread as I come across more, or if you can think of one feel free to PM me.

    Thanks to @cupcakes for the banner.
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